Dear visitors,

We welcome you to the FIFA Museum and hope you have a stimulating and absorbing visit. These Visitor Guidelines are designed to make your visit as enjoyable as possible as well as guarantee the safety of guests and exhibits, and as such, they are binding for all guests and form part of our general terms and conditions, which you accepted upon purchasing your ticket.

By entering our museum, you accept these Visitor Guidelines and all regulations approved to maintain operations as well as the instructions issued by staff regarding the safety of persons and exhibits. In case of doubt, the staff in attendance shall make the necessary decision.

Thank you for considering others in the museum as well as the valuable objects in our extensive collection.

We recommend that you visit the museum between Tuesday and Friday, when the number of visitors is generally lower than on the weekend. To see everything on display normally takes about two hours.

Health risks posed by giant screens

Studies have not revealed any risk to health caused by giant screens. However, those who suffer from photosensitive epilepsy are at risk of a seizure caused by certain light frequencies, computer games or geometric shapes and patterns. If you experience any of the following symptoms during your visits, please remove yourself from their source and find a member of staff immediately:

  • Impaired vision
  • Eye or muscle twitches
  • Impaired consciousness
  • Disorientation
  • Involuntary movements or convulsions

Interactive stations

Some of the interactive stations and exhibition content involve physical effort and skill. Visitors use such stations at their own risk.


Jackets and coats may not be worn or carried inside the exhibition areas.

It is also not permitted to take items such as rucksacks, large bags (including suitcases, whether wheeled or not), umbrellas, skateboards, etc. into the exhibition areas.

Such garments and items may be stored in the lockers located on Level -1. You will need a CHF/EUR 1 coin for each locker – this will be refunded when you retrieve your belongings. For security reasons, no items may be left in the exhibition areas.

Found items

If you find any items that have been left lying around, please hand them to a member of staff or take them to the ticket counter on the ground floor. Such items can be picked up from the ticket counter and are held there for three months.

Food and drink

Please note that eating and drinking is not permitted in the exhibition areas. There is a water fountain on the first floor. Babies and young children may not be fed in the exhibition areas.


Smoking is strictly forbidden in the entire building. You may only smoke in the smoking areas outside the building near the ashtrays provided.


Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult and are the responsibility of their parents or adult companion(s).


For security reasons, pushchairs are not permitted in the exhibition areas. However, baby carriers may be used where possible. If there is sufficient space, you can leave your pushchair by the lobby: our staff will be happy to help.


Toys are not permitted in the exhibition areas, with the exception of soft toys such as teddy bears and cloth dolls, which may be taken in by agreement with a member of staff.


It is necessary to register groups of schoolchildren visiting the Lab and private guided groups. Group leaders, teachers and teaching assistants: please follow any additional instructions issued by members of staff.

School classes and seminars

Teachers and teaching assistants are responsible for the schoolchildren under their charge for the duration of their visit and for ensuring compliance with the regulations on behaviour and safety.

Mobile telephones

Mobile phones must be switched to silent mode in the exhibition areas so as to avoid unnecessary disturbances. Out of consideration for other visitors, you are also requested to refrain from engaging in loud telephone conversations in the museum in general.


Dogs and other animals are not permitted in the exhibition areas, with the exception of guide dogs and assistance dogs.


Visitors are permitted to take photos and film for private purposes. However, please refrain from using tripods and show consideration for other visitors. Prior approval is required for photographs, film and audio recordings for commercial purposes or advertising.

Keeping the museum tidy and showing consideration for others

Please help us to keep the exhibition areas clean and tidy by treating the exhibits and screens with care and respect. Running, rough play and climbing are to be avoided in the exhibition areas. The pinball stations should also be treated with the necessary care.

Safety and security

Staff instructions must be followed at all times: failure to do so may result in removal from the museum. There will be no refund of the entry price in such cases. Instructions issued via the public address system must be followed immediately. For security reasons, the exhibition areas have video surveillance. We are entitled to make special arrangements at any time in order to ensure the safety of visitors and of the exhibits.

Tickets and entry

Tickets can be purchased at the ticket desks at any time during opening hours. The number of tickets that can be bought online is limited, particularly at weekends, so you may not always be able to obtain a ticket for the desired time via the internet. If this should happen, please check availability for a different time.


FIFA Museum AG will not assume any liability for items and valuables stored in the cloakroom and in the lockers/wire baskets or for lost items. Visitors are responsible for any damage caused by their behaviour, whether to the exhibits or to the fittings or building structure of the FIFA Museum. Acts of vandalism and theft will be reported to the police without exception. If a minor is involved, parents/guardians and the relevant authorities will also be informed.

Visits to the FIFA Museum are at visitors’ own risk. Victims of accidents shall assume liability for the accident if it was caused by their own fault or by not observing warnings or instructions from museum staff. The FIFA Museum shall only assume liability for accidents caused by gross negligence on its part.

These Visitor Guidelines were approved by the management and apply without exception to all visitors, guests and customers of the FIFA Museum.

The Visitor Guidelines came into force on 28 February 2016.

FIFA Museum AG