From fans for fans: Eleven objects, eleven stories

Fan Movement by FIFA enters the FIFA World Football Museum | ©FIFA Museum
Fan Movement by FIFA enters the FIFA World Football Museum | ©FIFA Museum

Newly curated exhibits from fans to be showcased in the FIFA World Football Museum.

Without fans, there is no football. To celebrate the significance of the hundreds of millions of devotees of the beautiful game, and to show how football connects and inspires people from all over the world, the FIFA World Football Museum in Zurich have teamed up with the Fan Movement to add eleven new objects and their individual, unique stories “from fans for fans” to the permanent exhibition. The newly curated exhibits will be on display from 9 June 2020.

“We are extremely happy and cannot wait to finally include these eleven new additions in our exhibition area ‘Memory Jars’. Fans are the ones that make our beautiful game so special the world over thanks to their undying passion, their connections, their encounters and their experiences. Fans deserve to be a dynamic part of the FIFA World Football Museum through their memorabilia, but even more through the stories that the items stand for,” explains Managing Director Marco Fazzone.

Fan Movement members were invited to introduce their most precious football memorabilia and the stories behind them. Over 40 members from around the globe submitted short video clips unveiling their priceless football items and their associated stories. The FIFA World Football Museum’s curatorial team then shortlisted eleven of these objects, which are currently being shipped to Zurich. Visitors will have the chance to experience the fans’ stories and share in their passion for the memorabilia.

"It was my lifelong dream to become a ballboy so when I wasn’t selected, I was heartbroken. A week before the game, I found out that someone had dropped out and that I was going to be a ballboy for France vs Netherlands in 2016. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and now my accreditation is going to be exhibited in the place where so much football history from all around the world comes together. This is another dream come true," says Dutch football fan Xander Bos.

The Fan Movement by FIFA is a diverse community of people united in their passion for the beautiful game. With 990 members from 80 countries, the Fan Movement is designed to amplify the voice of passionate football enthusiasts around the world – both inside and outside FIFA. Its aim is to facilitate conversations, enabling FIFA and the members to find and share football-related stories, opinions and activities.

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Do you have a football souvenir that you would like to display in the FIFA World Football Museum? Something from a trip to the FIFA World Cup? Or perhaps something a bit more personal? The museum’s Memory Jar Exhibition is all about unique pieces of history collected by fans of the game. If you have a special item that relates to your passion for football and you want to share it with the world then please get in touch!