On the rise again: Almost 1.4 million people engage with FIFA Museum globally in 2021

Almost 1.4 million people enjoyed a trip to the FIFA Museum or engaged with its digital content in 2021 – a growth of around 80% compared to the previous year.

FIFA Museum is delighted to report that a total of 104’479 visitors were welcomed into the museum in Zurich in 2021, despite the impact of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting two-month closure of the permanent exhibition. An additional total of 1’286’101 people around the world engaged online with the museum’s range of content through its digital channels throughout the year.

The highlight was the launch of the FIFA Museum’s first global digital exhibition, “Origins: Pre-Histories of Football”, which focuses on ball games from four different eras and geographical locations. Online audiences can explore four chapters on Kemari in Japan, on Cuju in China as well as on Meso-American and on Greco-Roman ball games.

“We are very delighted to see how our new digital offers have enabled us to reach out and share the magic of football with fans everywhere in the world”, says FIFA Museum Managing Director Marco Fazzone.

“In 2021 we took important steps for our mission and responsibility as FIFA’s cultural institution to safeguard global football heritage and culture, including our rebranding as well as our second annual International FIFA Museum Conference, which welcomed museum directors and cultural representatives from more than 60 FIFA Member Associations. Together with our official ambassadors Diego Forlan and Pascal Zuberbühler as well as many other legends, we can’t wait to realize our next big visions for 2022.”

As excitement builds towards the 2022 FIFA World Cup, the FIFA Museum’s programme will celebrate international football, shining a light on all different unique football cultures and exploring the shared values, passion and experiences that bring the world together. The FIFA Museum will present its first collaborative, global exhibition named ‘211’, which invites all 211 FIFA Member Associations to share their own objects, stories and histories, to offer a snapshot of global football culture. The exhibition will open in Zurich this autumn ahead of the World Cup.

A newly designed cultural programme with engaging and digitized formats about socially relevant topics will reach out to all football fans around the world. And Fazzone adds: “Without revealing too much at this point, we are already full of excitement to support FIFA in celebrating football heritage and culture in Qatar during the 2022 FIFA World Cup.”