15 May: International Museum Day 2022 at the FIFA Museum


How long do you think people have been playing with a ball?

The answer is: For a long time, a very long time! Ball games have been played for thousands of years, independently of each other, at different times and in different places. Sometimes formally, sometimes as a pastime, sometimes with their feet and then again sometimes even with the hip. No wonder, it doesn't really take much to play: just a ball, a bit of creativity and of course our deep-rooted urge to play!

As part of our digital exhibition 'Back to Origins: Pre-histories of Football', we are inviting all visitors to our exhibition on this year's International Museum Day to playfully discover the earliest days of ball games – or even invent your own. Explore the past, create something new: Perhaps the greatest power of a museum!



10.00 - 16.00: Fun learning circuit (start at the main entrance)

Equipped with a ball, you will set out on an independent tour of the museum. You will encounter old ball games, exciting stories from the world of football and many a small task waiting to be solved.

11.00 | 13.00 | 14.00 | 16.00: Games HUB (30 minutes each, takes place in the arena)

Would you like to invent your own game, with simple objects, creativity and fun? Then come to the Games HUB!


Free admission all day

For families, children, adults, couples and everyone who likes to play games.