All trophies in one exhibition for the first time: FIFA Museum expands the FIFA World Cup Gallery

With the expansion of the FIFA World Cup Gallery, the FIFA Museum now tells the story of all the competitions organised by FIFA. Visitors can look forward to some very special new objects on display: the trophies of these competitions as well as a set of Olympic medals.

For more than 70 years after its foundation in 1904, FIFA organised two tournaments: the FIFA World Cup and the men's football tournament at the Olympic Games. In 1977, the first youth competition, the FIFA World Youth Championship, was held in Tunisia. Since then, a range of competitions for national teams and clubs have been added both at youth and senior level. With the expansion of the FIFA World Cup Gallery, the FIFA Museum now shares the story of all these competitions.

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The FIFA World Cup Gallery is the largest room and the heart of the museum. Since its opening, the men's and women's World Cup trophies have been on display. In the extension, visitors can now also admire the trophies and medals from the other FIFA football competitions.

These include the trophies from the four FIFA youth competitions, the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup and the FIFA Futsal World Cup. As FIFA is responsible for organising the football tournaments of the Olympic Games, a series of Olympic medals are also on display. In addition to the trophies, visitors can also immerse themselves deeply in the history and developments of the individual tournaments.  

Thanks to the expansion of the FIFA World Cup Gallery, visitors will not only enjoy new exciting objects and their stories. The renovation also gives them the opportunity to move freely between the different floors of the FIFA Museum.

The FIFA Museum is delighted to share the newly exhibited objects with football fans from around the world. The expansion of the FIFA World Cup Gallery is another important step in celebrating and preserving the heritage and culture of football worldwide.