New edition released: The Official History of the FIFA Women's World Cup™

The Official History of the FIFA Women's World Cup™ | ©FIFA Museum
The Official History of the FIFA Women's World Cup™ | ©FIFA Museum

The FIFA World Football Museum is proud to present the new updated edition of our Official History of the FIFA Women's World Cup, which now includes this summer’s World Cup in France.

It is the most comprehensive story of the FIFA Women’s World Cup published to date and is lavishly illustrated with hundreds of photographs. The book tells the story of all eight tournaments so far, from 1991 to 2019, not just through photos but also with match reports and detailed statistics of every game – right down to yellow cards and the minutes in which they were given. The same level of detail is also given to the Women's Olympic Football Tournaments, from the first in Atlanta in 1996 to the Rio Olympics of 2016.

The book mirrors another noteworthy FIFA publication. In 1954, the then FIFA President Jules Rimet wrote the first comprehensive history of the men's World Cup, 24 years after the inaugural tournament in Uruguay. It is now just over a quarter-of-a-century since the first FIFA Women's World Cup in China in 1991, and so the time is right to illustrate the rich history of the tournament and its links with the development of the women’s game from before the World Cup was launched.

From the first game to France 2019
The first recorded women's association football match was 138 years ago, when Scotland and England met in Edinburgh in 1881, but players have had to fight for recognition since then, a struggle highlighted in the first chapter of this book. A high point came towards the end of the First World War and just after, when enormous crowds flocked to watch women play. But the popularity of women's football was seen as a threat by the football establishment and for the following 50 years was either banned or discouraged by those who opposed it.

Perfect addition to every library
The Official History of the FIFA Women's World Cup is a celebration of the great names of women's football, from pioneers such as Lily Parr in the 1920s and the Danes of the early 1970s, to the American and Norwegian teams that dominated the early years of the World Cup and the Olympics. It reflects the extraordinary development of women’s football which has now taken its place in the mainstream of elite women’s sport. The captivating stories and its encyclopedic character make the book the perfect addition to the collection of every football fan.

The book is available in English and French. It can either be purchased at the FIFA World Football Museum store in Zurich, or you can click here to buy the book online.