Ticketing General Terms and Conditions

General terms and conditions of FIFA Museum AG (hereinafter referred to as “MUSEUM AG”) governing the purchase of entry tickets (hereinafter collectively referred to as “TICKET(S)”), either at the ticket office or online, for admission to the permanent exhibition at the museum (hereinafter referred to as the “FIFA MUSEUM”) operated by MUSEUM AG and admission to other events and services supplied by MUSEUM AG, including temporary exhibitions, tours and cultural events. MUSEUM AG sells the following types of TICKET: paper tickets, this means Print@Home Tickets (pdf format) and E-Tickets (electronic file for iOS or Android mobile devices).

1. Scope and applicability
The purchase and use of TICKETS for admission to the FIFA MUSEUM from outlets of MUSEUM AG, online at www.fifamuseum.com or through approved ticket agents are governed exclusively by the general terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as “Terms and Conditions”) set forth below and the FIFA MUSEUM Rules, which are provided at www.fifamuseum.com and available for inspection in the entrance area of the FIFA MUSEUM. By ordering, purchasing or using a TICKET, the customer, purchaser or TICKET holder (hereinafter referred to as the “PURCHASER”) agrees to the terms set out in these Terms and Conditions and the Museum Rules.

2. Conclusion of the contract and terms

2.1 Conclusion of the contract
Contractual relations are solely concluded between MUSEUM AG and the relevant PURCHASER. The placing of an order by the PURCHASER is deemed to constitute an offer to enter into a contract. When ordering Print@Home Tickets and/or E-Tickets from the MUSEUM AG online shop at www.fifamuseum.com, the ordering process is completed by clicking the “Buy now” button. The contract is concluded upon acceptance of the order by MUSEUM AG. MUSEUM AG shall indicate its acceptance by sending an e-mail confirmation of the order.

The PURCHASER is only entitled to access and visit the FIFA MUSEUM if the PURCHASER meets the access and age requirements applying to visitors to the FIFA MUSEUM and/or specific events. Children under 14 years of age are only admitted to the FIFA MUSEUM if accompanied by and under the care of an adult. This age restriction and any additional access and age requirements are displayed on the website at www.fifamuseum.com.

2.2. Prices, concessions, charges, dispatch and conditions of admission
The prices charged for TICKETS and the terms governing concessions are set out in the current price lists of MUSEUM AG at www.fifamuseum.com. The prices indicated for online TICKETS (Print@Home Tickets and E-Tickets) are final prices and include any charges and value added tax that may apply. TICKETS purchased from the online shop may, at the option of the PURCHASER, be supplied as Print@Home Tickets (in pdf format) at no extra charge, as E-Tickets (electronic file for iOS Android mobile devices) at no extra charge, or sent by post at the expense and risk of the PURCHASER. TICKETS may not be held at the FIFA MUSEUM. TICKETS are only dispatched or supplied following payment by the PURCHASER.

TICKETS are sent by post at the expense and risk of the PURCHASER. The PURCHASER shall assume the risk of loss of, or damage to, the TICKETS while in transit, except in the event of gross negligence or some deliberate act on the part of MUSEUM AG or any agent of MUSEUM AG. The shipping company is selected by MUSEUM AG.

Print@Home Tickets and E-Tickets may be retrieved from the USER’S user account once FIFA has confirmed the order and the PURCHASER has paid for the TICKETS. In this case, no additional admission tickets are sent by post. Print@Home Tickets must be printed out. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required for the purpose of opening and printing out pdf files. For Print@Home Tickets, a good quality print-out on A4 size paper is required (black and white print-outs are sufficient). Only Print@Home Tickets that meet this requirement are deemed to be admission tickets. E-Tickets will be downloaded directly from the PURCHASER’S user account onto a mobile device using the QR code. The PURCHASER is responsible for meeting the technical requirements indicated in the system and printing specifications. Where separate pdf files are sent for each Print@Home Ticket, each TICKET must be printed out separately. The PURCHASER is solely responsible for ensuring that Print@Home Tickets and/or E-Tickets are fully legible. Print@Home Tickets and E-Tickets are automatically checked at the entrance to the FIFA MUSEUM. If the barcode on the Print@Home Ticket and/or QR code on the E-Ticket cannot be scanned electronically at the entry point and/or the barcode number is undecipherable, the PURCHASER is not eligible for admission to the FIFA MUSEUM and is not entitled to a refund of the price paid for the TICKET.

Where concession TICKETS have been ordered, the TICKET holders shall, upon request, present evidence of their entitlement to the concession to the staff responsible for scanning and checking TICKETS at the turnstiles. Unless proof of eligibility for concession TICKETS is presented, the TICKET holder will be required to make an additional payment up to the full price that may legitimately be charged at the ticket office or, alternatively, may be refused entry. Holders of concession TICKETS may only be admitted to the FIFA MUSEUM if the reason for granting the concession still applies on the date of admission.

TICKETS only permit entry to the FIFA MUSEUM on a one-off basis. Only TICKETS purchased from an official sales outlet are valid. Print@Home Tickets may only be printed out once.

3. Complaints

3.1 PURCHASERS who have not received their TICKETS within five working days of payment shall contact MUSEUM AG by calling +41 43 388 25 00 or by sending an e-mail to info@fifamuseum.org. Without prejudice to the second paragraph of clause 2.2 of these Terms and Conditions, the PURCHASER is not entitled to any replacement TICKETS once this period has elapsed.

3.2 The PURCHASER shall check the confirmation e-mail and/or any TICKETS supplied or sent to ensure that the number, price, date of visit and admission period are accurate. Any complaint must be submitted immediately, within two working days of receipt of the TICKETS or the confirmation e-mail in the case of Print@Home Tickets or E-Tickets, but in any event before the date of the visit. Complaints may be made by telephone, or sent in writing by e-mail or by post to the addresses indicated in clause 14. Where a complaint is made in writing, the postmark or e-mail transmission report serves as evidence in determining whether the deadline for submitting complaints has been met. Where MUSEUM AG is responsible for the error or failure, MUSEUM AG will take back or change the TICKETS provided that the complaint has been submitted on time in accordance with this clause 3.2. Once the deadline for submitting a complaint has elapsed, the PURCHASER is not entitled to return the TICKETS or have the TICKETS changed. Where a complaint is raised in respect of a TICKET, the TICKET claimed to be incorrect or defective must be exchanged at the FIFA MUSEUM.

4. Loss, return and refund of TICKETS

4.1. Without prejudice to clause 3.2, TICKETS may no longer be changed once the booking has become binding and cannot normally be exchanged. Accordingly, TICKETS are non-returnable.

4.2. There is no entitlement to compensation in respect of lost TICKETS (i.e. in the event that TICKETS are mislaid, stolen or destroyed). Any requests for the return or exchange of TICKETS, which are submitted after the time period specified in clause 3 has elapsed, are to be sent in writing to MUSEUM AG, stating the reason for the request. MUSEUM AG shall determine any such requests at its discretion on a case-by-case basis, but there is no legal entitlement to the return or exchange of tickets on a goodwill basis.

5. Payment terms and default
Online TICKET orders will only be executed if payment is made in advance by credit card. For ticket agents not operated directly by MUSEUM AG, the terms of payment stipulated by such agents apply. If the payment is unsuccessful for reasons attributable to the PURCHASER – in cases, for example, where insufficient funds are available on the credit card or a chargeback or similar reversal is made by the PURCHASER – MUSEUM AG is entitled, without further notice, to cancel the order without compensation and disable TICKETS electronically where applicable. Payment may only be made in Swiss francs (CHF).

6. Museum Rules and use of the FIFA MUSEUM

6.1. On purchasing a TICKET for admission to the FIFA MUSEUM, the PURCHASER is entitled to use all services available on the date of the visit, with the exception of any services requiring an additional charge, as notified separately during the purchasing process (e.g. guided tours, admittance to special exhibitions).

6.2. The PURCHASER is not entitled to expect that all the services which MUSEUM AG indicated as being available, in whatever form, will actually be available on the date of the visit. Such services may be unavailable, for example, due to changes or technical upgrades in the exhibition areas. As soon as MUSEUM AG establishes that services will be unavailable for an extended period of time, it will display notices to this effect at the entrance to the FIFA MUSEUM and on its website. Notices regarding the short-term unavailability of specific services will be displayed at the venue. Whether certain services are specifically available at the FIFA MUSEUM may depend on the level of visitor interest.

6.3. The PURCHASER shall comply with the code of conduct set out in the Museum Rules, which are displayed at the entrance. If the PURCHASER fails to comply with the code of conduct set out in the Museum Rules, MUSEUM AG is entitled, in addition to taking action for damages, to withdraw the PURCHASER’S access rights and eject the PURCHASER from the FIFA MUSEUM.

6.4. All PURCHASERS are informed about the FIFA MUSEUM Rules in the e-mail confirming their online purchase. The Museum Rules, as amended from time to time, are available at www.fifamuseum.com and are also displayed in the entrance area to the FIFA MUSEUM. PURCHASERS who fail to comply with the Museum Rules may be refused access to the FIFA MUSEUM without any entitlement to compensation. In such event, the TICKETS in question cease to be valid and may be withdrawn or disabled electronically by MUSEUM AG.

7. Transferability of TICKETS

TICKETS may be transferred, before they are first used, to other persons within the same group who, where applicable, are entitled to the same concession.

TICKETS may only be sold for the PURCHASER’S personal use. It is expressly prohibited to resell TICKETS for profit or commercial gain, including by way of Internet auction or at a higher price than that indicated on the TICKET.

If any PURCHASER improperly offers, uses or passes on a TICKET, MUSEUM AG is entitled to disable the TICKET concerned, including by electronic means, as well as any other TICKETS purchased by the PURCHASER, and bar the PURCHASER from accessing the FIFA MUSEUM without any entitlement to compensation.

8. Validity

TICKETS permit entry to the FIFA MUSEUM on a one-off basis. TICKETS will become invalid once the PURCHASER has exited the exhibition areas through the electronic system and the PURCHASER may not be readmitted to the exhibition areas at the FIFA MUSEUM.

TICKETS to the FIFA MUSEUM only permit access to the FIFA MUSEUM on the date shown on the TICKET and during the time period selected and only apply to the relevant category of visitor.

9. Data protection

All PURCHASERS purchasing TICKETS from the MUSEUM AG online shop are required to set up a user account. MUSEUM AG and its technical service providers shall take technical and organisational security measures for the purpose of protecting personal information, which is entered on setting up the aforementioned user account and purchasing TICKETS and is managed by MUSEUM AG, against deliberate or accidental tampering, loss or destruction or against unauthorised access. MUSEUM AG only uses such data in accordance with statutory provisions and for the purpose indicated, for example for the purpose of performing the agreement. The PURCHASER waives any right to receive specific information regarding such use. MUSEUM AG is entitled to transfer or disclose data to third parties which are contracted to provide services to FIFA, and/or to any relevant authorities for the purposes specified. Any data transferred to MUSEUM AG or its service providers will be encrypted using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. PURCHASERS may object to the use of their data for advertising purposes or market research at any time. PURCHASERS are notified of their right to object to such use on ordering TICKETS, setting up a user account or on other occasions when contact is established.

10. Gift vouchers

MUSEUM AG offers gift vouchers for sale with specified face values (minimum value CHF 25) in Swiss francs (hereinafter referred to as “VOUCHERS”) which can be ordered from the FIFA MUSEUM ticket office or from the online shop at www.fifamuseum.com. VOUCHERS ordered from the MUSEUM AG online shop will be sent to the address indicated at the expense and at the risk of the PURCHASER. VOUCHERS are sent by post at the expense and risk of the PURCHASER. The PURCHASER shall assume the risk of loss of, or damage to, the VOUCHERS while in transit, except in the event of gross negligence or some deliberate act on the part of MUSEUM AG or any agent of MUSEUM AG. The shipping company is selected by MUSEUM AG. VOUCHERS are solely dispatched within Switzerland.

VOUCHERS may be redeemed against purchases of TICKETS and/or products from the FIFA MUSEUM shop. If the price of the product or TICKET purchased is less than the face value of the VOUCHER, the remainder will stay as a credit balance on the VOUCHER. The balance may be used to purchase other products and/or TICKETS. If the price of the product purchased is more than the face value of the VOUCHER, the difference is to be paid in cash. The credit balance or any residual balance on VOUCHERS will not be paid out in cash. For security reasons, only the original VOUCHERS may be presented as a method of payment.

11. Image rights

All PURCHASERS and TICKET holders give their irrevocable consent, in respect of all current and future media, to their picture and voice being used, free of charge, for any photographs, live broadcasts, programmes and/or audio-visual and/or sound recordings that may be created by MUSEUM AG, or by authorised third parties, in connection with their visit to the FIFA MUSEUM.

12. Audio-visual and sound recordings

The taking of photographs and filming for private purposes is permitted. Due consideration must be given to other visitors to the FIFA MUSEUM when using flash bulbs or flash units.

13. Liability, exclusion and limitation of liability

Visitors visit the FIFA MUSEUM at their own risk. MUSEUM AG its legal representatives, officers and agents are only liable for damages, on whatever legal grounds, in the event of gross negligence, the commission of a deliberate act or a material breach of their contractual obligations. The foregoing is without prejudice to any claims for loss or damage in respect of loss of life, bodily injury or damage to health. Visitors are liable in respect of any soiling or damage to the premises, fixtures or fittings, or any other damage caused through fault or gross negligence on their part.

14. Contact information

Any queries regarding the purchase of TICKETS may be submitted to MUSEUM AG using the following methods of contact:

FIFA Museum AG
Seestrasse 27
8002 Zurich

E-mail address: info@fifamuseum.org
Telephone: +41 43 388 25 00
Opening hours: 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.

15. Concluding provision

If any provision, or provisions, of these Terms and Conditions are or become invalid, impracticable or unenforceable, such clause or clauses does not affect the effectiveness of the other provisions or the validity of these Terms and Conditions. The invalid or unenforceable provision should be replaced by a valid and enforceable provision, the effect of which is the closest possible to the commercial objective intended by the parties in respect of the invalid or unenforceable provision. The foregoing provisions shall apply mutatis mutandis to any omission in these Terms and Conditions.

16. Applicable law and place of jurisdiction

These Terms and Conditions are governed by and construed in accordance with Swiss law. Zurich, Switzerland, is the exclusive place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising out of or in connection with these Terms and Conditions.