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History and Culture

Watch our third live talk webinar about Greco-Roman ball games

Enjoy our third live talk webinar accompanying our digital exhibition “Origins: Pre-Histories of Football”. Don’t forget to sign up for the last webinar of the series on Meso-American ball games.

Museum Life

Virtual football and stories from the museum archive delight visitors

More than 2000 museums guests took the opportunity of Zurich’s Long Night of Museums at the weekend to visit the FIFA Museum. The guided tours through the archives and the VR experience were particularly popular. We have captured the best pictures of the evening.

History and Culture

The three touches that broke a million hearts

The USA v. Germany semi-final at the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2003 was one of the best matches in the history of women’s football. Our collection contains the tactical notes of Germany coach Tina Theune that proved crucial to her team’s triumph, breaking American hearts in the process.