History and Culture

A decisive assist, two rare goals and revenge for two teams

At last weekend’s #WorldCupAtHome matches, we witnessed a critical assist by a young star before his football career really took off. Additionally we watched a Frenchman score the only two goals of his international career, while two teams avenged their previous defeats.

History and Culture

Turning Back the Clock: Football a Hundred Years Ago – The 1920 Copa del Rey Final

This week, to mark the centenary of Barcelona's 1920 Copa del Rey triumph, we look back at what Spanish football was like a hundred years ago and uncover one of football's greatest historical curiosities – the story of how Barcelona have effectively been deprived of eight Spanish championships.

History and Culture

A young champion, an old rivalry, an unexpected end and a historic copycat

Last weekend at the #WorldCupAtHome we witnessed one of the greatest players in the history of football in his first major tournament. We also observed the peak of a great rivalry as well as a moment of great sportsmanship in the face of a bitter defeat.

History and Culture

A shattered dream, the end of an era and two great goalkeepers

The past #WorldCupAtHome weekend began with the shattered dream of a host nation. We also experienced the end of a 20-year era and were able to watch two great goalkeepers at work.

History and Culture

The farewell of the first Football Knight

England’s Stanley Matthews is still considered one of the first great stars of football. He was the first professional footballer to be knighted while still active. His status in the football world was underlined by the caliber of the players who joined him for his testimonial game on this day 55 years ago.

History and Culture

Turning back the Clock: Football a hundred years ago – The 1920 FA Cup Final

The 2019/20 football season had to pause worldwide just when it started to get interesting. So we turn the clock back a hundred years to find out how football finished the 1919/20 season while recovering from another pandemic – the Spanish Flu. The first article takes us back to the 1920 FA Cup Final between Aston Villa and Huddersfield Town.

History and Culture

A unique atmosphere, an easy decision, an earthquake and a bunch of stickers

Over the weekend, we got to enjoy four more legendary World Cup matches. But who would have thought that one of them actually was responsible for a real earthquake? Another one led to some serious outrage and changed some minds about technology in football? Read on to discover all of this and more in our weekly #WorldCupAtHome recap.

History and Culture

A videogame dance, a confident substitute, a pair of boots and a figurine of an Italian superstar

This weekend’s #WorldCupAtHome matches took us back as far as the 90s, where we witnessed one of the all-time-greats of the game hit the net twice. We also saw a more recent Fortnite goal celebration, the continuation of a terrible curse and the last Golden Goal in a FIFA tournament.

History and Culture

A rare assist, another ball, an armband and a pair of shorts

At the third #WorldCupAtHome weekend we learned who apparently didn’t like to assist Thierry Henry, which ball was used in three major tournaments, who paved the way for the US Women’s National Team to become record World Cup winners and how a pair of shorts got pulled up into the history books.

History and Culture

A silver ball, a synthetic ball and a celebration of iconic proportions

The second weekend of #WorldCupAtHome looked back at two FIFA World Cup quarter-finals with record champion Brazil and a penalty shootout that ended in one of the most iconic sports moments of all time.

History and Culture

#WorldCupAtHome: A curse continues and a saved penalty makes the record books

With football around the world being stopped almost completely, FIFA’s first #WorldCupAtHome weekend reminded us of a World Cup curse and a saved penalty that made the record books.

Museum Life

African Superstar Diamond Platnumz brings the Baba Lao to the FIFA World Football Museum

During his visit to Zurich, Tanzanian recording artist Diamond Platnumz visited the FIFA Museum with his entourage and brought the Baba Lao challenge to the FIFA World Cup Trophy.