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FIWC17: 4th live qualification tournament at the museum

This is an exclusive chance to secure a spot at the world's biggest international video game competition, which will be held in in London this year.

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ANPFIFF: Women's football around the world

The fourth edition of the FIFA World Football Museum's talk event, ANPFIFF, will bring Fabienne Humm, Tatjana Haenni and Marco von Ah together to discuss recent trends and developments in women's football.

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Three world champions visit at once!

World Cup winners Guido Buchwald, Paulo Sérgio and Christian Karembeu visited the museum recently. Here's how they got on.

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FIWC17: 3rd live qualification tournament at the museum

Want to get your hands on the FIWC’s $200,000 cash prize? This might be your best chance…

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Futsal’s greatest visits FIFA Museum

Brazilian futsal ace Falcão, widely considered the best player in the history of the sport, visited the museum recently. Here's how he got on.

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Underdog Ulrich beats world champ en route to tournament win

There was a bit of a surprise at our second FIFA 17 tournament, with Julian Ulrich defeating FIWC champion Mohamad Al-Bacha on his way to winning the competition.

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Capoeira camp comes to FIFA Museum

Let your children try the exciting Brazilian sport of capoeira. Combining dance, acrobatics and music, capoeira is a fascinating 'game' that's fast, exciting and full of Brazilian flavour.

History and Culture

From Macunaíma to Maracanazo: Brazil's footballing myth

We invite you to an in-depth lecture by Professor Jens Andermann, Director of Latin American Center Zurich. The talk will be open to audience questions.

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Now Open: Registration for second FIFA 17 tournament

We're offering you an exclusive chance to secure a spot at the European qualifiers for the 13th edition of the planet’s biggest international gaming tournament...

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ANPFIFF: What does it take to be a champion?

The third edition of our German talk series features three World Cup winners. Here's what you need to know.

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Bardelas wins first live FIFA 17 tournament

More than 100 guests watched the first of eight live FIFA 17 tournaments at the museum. Here's our round-up.

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FIFA Museum to London: Your ticket to the Grand Final!

The first of eight live tournaments at Sportsbar 1904 in the FIFA World Football Museum takes place on Tuesday, 13 December 2016, at 18:00.