Festive treasure hunt at the FIFA Museum

© Sport Archive/FIFA Museum

From today, a very special experience awaits all visitors at the FIFA Museum: a festive digital treasure hunt.

Football and winter calls to mind half-frozen feet, snow on the pitch and (hopefully) hot drinks to warm up, but there are also many great stories about football in the festive season.

Five such stories are now hidden throughout the museum as part of our digital treasure hunt, waiting to be discovered by our visitors. All you need to participate is a ticket to the museum and a smartphone (as the stories are distributed throughout the exhibition in the form of QR codes).

You won’t find the QR-Code here, but it will be close... © FIFA Museum

Once you have found the first code, simply scan it to your phone and you’ll be transported to a hidden page on our website detailing a wintry chapter of football history. Once you’ve finished reading, you’ll be presented with a hint to help you find the next story in the treasure hunt.

For the truly dedicated historians, there is a special surprise if you uncover all five tales. Each story is accompanied by a secret code number, collect all five and you’ll be rewarded with a little gift which can be picked up at the museum shop.

If all this winter history is giving you the chills, you can always head to the Sportsbar to warm up with a delicious hot chocolate or a festive glass of Glühwein.

The festive season treasure hunt takes place during the regular opening hours until the end of the month. For more information, please ask at the Ticket Desk. Good luck, and have fun!