International Museum Day: the future of living traditions

To celebrate International Museum Day, the FIFA World Football Museum in Zurich invites you to special experience on Sunday, May 19, 2019 between 10:00am and 6:00pm (our regular opening hours).

Football is ...

... movement, connection, enthusiasm, emotion and identification.

One immediately thinks of the biggest games, the most important goals and most famous faces, but football is so much more than that.

Football is a part of every-day life and accessible to all. It can start in the playground, the backyard, the gym changing-rooms, at a favourite bar or in the living room with your best friends.

We want to awaken and share the feelings and memories that football fans experience every day. So we are inviting our visitors on a sensory journey to explore different spaces and situations, in which football takes place as a living tradition of our everyday life.

Using an array of different objects, we have created settings to provoke both physical and emotional sensations, associations, thinking and enjoyment. Visitors can bring their own ideas and experiences to the day, whether though their words, writing, or creativity.  

Let’s work together to explore and develop our own world of football, and experience the beautiful game as a cultural phenomenon that can sit apart from the big stadiums.

We offer this extra experience in our Event Hall, which is accessible via the main entrance of the museum. Admission to this area is free. We look forward to your visit!