Relive fond memories at the Vintage Games Weekend

Nintendo Entertainment System-Controller in a showcase at the FIFA World Football Museum.

The FIFA Museum invites you to take a trip back to your childhood and relive the glory days of video games with less power and bigger pixels.

When thinking of vintage video games, nostalgia plays a big role in what comes to mind. Some people may have fond memories of the PlayStation, and others may look farther back to their Atari or heading the arcade with friends. What all of these memories have in common is the comforting recollection of youth, pixellated graphics and long retired technologies.

This weekend, the FIFA Museum offers a chance to relive these fond memories. We welcome you to our Vintage Games Weekend!

A journey through the history of football video games
On Friday evening at 7:30 pm the weekend begins with an interactive journey through the history of football video games. Join ZWÖLF editor-in-chief Mämä Sykora as he takes you through the exciting world of classic football video games. The path is paved with all kinds of controversies, curiosities and exotic consoles. Of course, all of the games can also be played during the evening. The event is free of charge and held in German. Click here to register.

Retro-Games and special guided tour
Saturday and Sunday are dedicated to retro gaming. Come by and let us take you back in time. Reminisce and return to your childhood when less power and bigger pixels were the pinnacle of video game entertainment. It’s amazing to see how far gaming has come.

In addition, we also offer the special guided tour "From Pong to FIFA 21" in English and German over the weekend. You can find all information here.