Representatives of the world's smallest league visit the FIFA Museum

For the first time, the chairman and secretary of St Mary's Football Club on the Scilly Islands of the coast of England visited the FIFA Museum and their loaned treasure, the "Lyonesse Cup". Among other things, they solved the mystery of why the cup is slightly dented.

Originally, their visit to the FIFA Museum was intended to take place much earlier. After all, the story of the world's smallest football league has been part of the FIFA Museum since it opened almost seven years ago and is very popular with visitors. Most recently, the Corona pandemic prevented the trip from the remote islands to Zurich.

So it was a great pleasure this week when for the first time, two representatives of St. Mary's Football Club, club chairman Anthony Gibbons (above on the right) and secretary Matthew Simmons, found their way to Zurich and the FIFA Museum.

Needless to say, the highlight of their tour through the exhibition was the film about their league, in which Gibbons himself had participated, and the "Lyonesse Cup" on display. This is the smallest trophy in the world, measuring just 6 millimeters, and is awarded annually in a match between a "Best of Scilly" team and a team from Cornwall. With a mischievous smile, Gibbons explained why the trophy is slightly bent: he had accidentally dropped it on the bus during a football tour.

At the end of the visit, the Scillonians presented the museum with two new shirts from the two clubs competing in the smallest league in the world for the museum collection.