Swiss stars of tomorrow stop by FIFA Museum

The U21 Swiss National Team visited FIFA World Football Musuem on Tuesday, 4 October 2016.

The stars of tomorrow were welcomed to the museum by Managing Director Stefan Jost before splitting up into two groups; one German-speaking and one French-speaking, to be toured around the new home of football history.

As is often the case, the World Cup trophies proved popular with the squad. As did the interactive stations, with Soccer Dance in particular seemingly impressing the youngsters. Several of the team gave also their skills a test on the Pinball games as well.

"My favorite part of the museum was the (Rainbow of) jerseys, it struck me from the beginning," said Yvon Mvogo, captain of the U21 team.

"When you enter the museum, you see all the jerseys of all the countries that are part of FIFA and it's just something extraordinary. That's what impressed me the most during this visit. 

"When you're a football player you think you know a lot, but we do not know everything and today I could really learn the basics of the sport, and the basis of this organization that is FIFA. I learned a lot today. It was really inspiring."

"Coming to the museum is a nice change for the boys," said Heinz Moser, coach of the U21 team.

"They can see what is actually behind the game. Football is about emotions and these historic things (show that). The museum is beautiful and very diverse."

"For me it was something special to see the original of the World Cup trophy," said defender Martin Angha.

"Also, it was very interesting to learn about the development and changes of the laws of the game over the years.

"I played and won the interactive referee challenge which was a great experience because it shows that the jon is not that easy – and players can get emotional sometimes."

You can enjoy a selection of photos from their visit above.