Swiss Tipp-Kick Championship held at FIFA Museum

One week ago Sunday, the Swiss Tipp-Kick Championship took place at the FIFA Museum. 27 players competed in the tournament for the prestigious title, which was contested for the 41st time. In the end, two familiar faces of the Swiss Tipp-Kick community met in the final.

In contrast to association football, only 2 players face each other in a Tipp-Kick game, not 22. And they are not standing on the pitch either, but next to it. From there, each player controls one goalkeeper and one on-field player. The ball is black and white and the player whose colour is on top of the ball after a shot is allowed to take the next shot.

The popular Tipp-Kick game has been played according to these principles for over 100 years. The game was patented in Germany as early as 1921, where it quickly became one of the most popular football board games. The game also enjoys great popularity in Switzerland, and so a week ago Sunday, the 41st edition of the Swiss Individual Tipp-Kick Championship was staged at the FIFA Museum.

A total of 27 players had registered and first thing in the morning they made sure that there were enough playing fields available. Once the preparations were complete, the tournament started at 10 a.m. with the players divided into five groups. There was no quarter given on the field and the spectators were well entertained.

2023 Swiss Champion Knut Asmis (in the middle), 2nd placed Manuel Häfeli (right) and 3rd placed Markus Kälin (left).
2023 Swiss Champion Knut Asmis (in the middle), 2nd placed Manuel Häfeli (right) and 3rd placed Markus Kälin (left).

After many exciting games, fantastic goals and hours of exciting action, the highlight of the day began at 5:20 p.m.: the final. The two highly concentrated finalists were no strangers to the Swiss Tipp-Kick scene: five-time Swiss Tipp-Kick champion Knut Asmis met defending champion and three-time winner Manuel Häfeli.

The game went back and forth and both players managed to take the lead in the course of the game. In the end Knut Asmis won 4:3 and was able to celebrate his sixth Swiss Championship in the FIFA Museum.