The FIFA Women’s World Cup Trophy returns to the FIFA Museum

While visitors to the FIFA Museum have been enjoying the creative results of our home-made trophy competition, it is at last time for the FIFA Women’s World Cup™ trophy to return to its spot lit showcase in Zurich.

The coveted prize has travelled far across the world since it left on its 2023 Women’s World Cup adventure in February, stopping by each and every one of the 32 participating nations ahead of arriving in Oceania. Then, the trophy began a local tour of the nine host cities of Australia and New Zealand.

© Chris Hyde - FIFA/FIFA via Getty Images
© Chris Hyde - FIFA/FIFA via Getty Images

After months of speculation, and one of the most exciting tournaments in Women’s World Cup history, the trophy was finally lifted by Spain, as they celebrated their first ever women’s title, after a hard-fought 1-0 victory over England at Stadium Australia. However, it was the glistening 2023 Winners’ trophy that the team travelled home with, allowing the FIFA Women’s World Cup Trophy to return to its home in Zurich.

In a short while, Spain’s name will etched onto the spiral of champions on the base of the prize, joining Germany as the only other country to appear on both the men’s and women’s trophies.