The FIFA Women's World Cup™ Original Trophy is back

The FIFA Women's World Cup™ Original Trophy is back in the FIFA World Football Museum in Zurich to be admired by football fans from around the globe, after the 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup™ in France. 

The trophy was displayed in our temporary exhibition in Paris throughout the majority of the tournament, before being transported to Lyon to be presented to the Winners of tournament.

The USA, who have now won the FIFA Women's World Cup a record four times, celebrated with the original trophy in the stadium after their victory against the Netherlands. However, the trophy they took back to the states was the 2019 Winners' Trophy, as the original takes its place in the FIFA World Football Museum.

Facts about the FIFA Women's World Cup™ Original Trophy:

Designed by William Sawaya and hand-crafted by Milanese specialists Sawaya & Moroni in 1998 in time for the 1999 tournament, the trophy, standing at 47cm and weighing 4.6kg, captures the athleticism, dynamism and elegance of international women’s football.

Fitted with a modern, cone-shaped base that reinforces the uplifting spirit of the design, the trophy stretches skywards in the form of a spiral band, enclosing a football at the top. The trophy is made of bronze gold-plated, polished aluminum and Verde Candeias Granite.

Engraved underneath its base are the names of each of the previous winners of the Women’s World Cup.

The winners are presented with the Original Trophy at the official final ceremony, however it is the FIFA Women's World Cup Winner’s Trophy which they will take home as their own, while the Original Trophy returns to its home at the FIFA Museum in Zurich. The winners’ trophy is almost an exact replica, and it was on display at the museum while the Original Trophy was on tour earlier this year. 

The trophies can be distinguished on close inspection, as the Winner's Trophy will have the name of the 2019 winners engraved after the final, while the Original has all previous winners etched on the bottom of the Trophy.