Virtual football and stories from the museum archive delight visitors

More than 2000 museums guests took the opportunity of Zurich’s Long Night of Museums at the weekend to visit the FIFA Museum. The guided tours through the archives and the VR experience were particularly popular. We have captured the best pictures of the evening.

Usually, the FIFA Museum closes its doors at 6 pm. Last Saturday, as an exception, the doors opened then. By this time, a considerable queue of visitors had gathered in front of the museum, choosing the FIFA Museum as their first stop during Zurich’s Long Night of Museums.

More than 2000 visitors found their way to our exhibition until late into the night. The guided tours through our archives were particularly popular, during which our staff explained, amongst other things, how the museum collects and preserves objects. Visitors also queued for the VR-Experience to demonstrate their talent at virtual football. The atmosphere was relaxed and easy-going throughout the night with the musical accompaniment, supplied live by DJ Dani König, also playing a key role.

The FIFA Museum team would like to thank all visitors and is already looking forward to the Long Night 2023.