Watch our third live talk webinar about Greco-Roman ball games

Enjoy our third live talk webinar accompanying our digital exhibition “Origins: Pre-Histories of Football”. Don’t forget to sign up for the last webinar of the series on Meso-American ball games.


Live talk webinar: Greco-Roman ball games

Greece and Rome broke new ground in organised sport, giving the world the Olympic Games and gladiatorial contests. Join us and our experts for a free one-hour webinar to find out why ball games, even though being part of everyday life, were somewhat relegated to the margins in these heroic times.

Watch experts Prof. Nigel B. Crowther (Western University, Ontario Canada) and Prof. Tony Collins (DeMonfort University, Leicester UK) talk about the role ball games played in ancient Greco-Roman times and why it is impossible to establish a link to association football.



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28 September 2022 – Meso-American ball games

The history of ball games in Meso-America stretches back millennia. Join us and our experts for a free one-hour webinar for a deep dive into the significance of ball games for Meso-American communities and their parallels with today’s football.