Zurich's premier graffiti duo paint live at the museum

- Pase, One Truth

Internationally renowned graffiti duo One Truth have helped shape street art in Switzerland for over 13 years. The Zurich tag team’s creations may have been born on the streets, but they have caught the attention of some of world’s biggest companies too.

One Truth, made up of Dr Drax and Pase, have their work painted on the sides of buildings, hanging in art galleries, even tattooed onto body parts, and now, it will be on display at the FIFA World Football Museum too. As part of a special exhibition on StreetFootballArt, held to mark International Museum Day on 22 May, One Truth will be visiting to create a special work blending football and street art like never before.

Starting out

“We first started doing graffiti together in 1998 - but this was on the underground scene,”, the elder of the duo Pase, told the museum.

“We used to do a lot of “free works”- where we would do some painting for free - because we wanted to learn and improve our technique.

“Over the years we have ended up making a lot of paintings, and then later doing work for firms and private people too.”

One Truth will be doing a live painting session outside the museum ahead of the StreetFootballArt event on Sunday, 22 May.

Visitors can watch the artists creating three large artworks for the main event in advance, and then speak to Pase at the event itself.

Mixing art and football

Although the duo have more than 13 years of experience with graffiti, bringing football into the equation could pose an unusual challenege for them - not that they aren't up for it. 

"We think that you can link street art with street football," continued Pase. 

"Both are ways of life and both make cities more lively! We don't associate with any clubs though as we want to be neutral.

"When I was younger I actually played football quite a lot with a local club called Ballspielclub Zurich, but then when I turned 15 I stopped. I was more interested in girls – and painting!"

The StreetFootballArt event at the FIFA World Football Museum is a free, one-day-only special exhibition to celebrate International Museum Day. In keeping with the global campaign, the event will be organised around the theme of ‘museums and cultural landscapes’.

As part of a diverse and interactive programe, the museum has invited various artists – each practicing a very different type of art – to get involved.

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