What does your trophy look like?

The world is upside down! And why is that? Because on the other side of the world, the FIFA Women's World Cup ™ is taking place this summer from 20 July to 20 August! The trophy that the new World Cup champions will receive after winning the final left its showcase at the FIFA Museum weeks ago, spreading excitement for the tournament all across the world. To make sure the showcase doesn't collect dust, we need your creative ideas!

The competition

Are you aged between eight and 14? Are you creative and do you like football? Are you interested in museums? Then enter our competition! Create your own trophy, either alone or as part of a team and send us three photos with the story behind it.

What is the prize?

Our judges will look closely at all the photos and their accompanying stories and select the five most creative ones. The winning trophies will be showcased in a very special place in the museum during the tournament.

Yes, that's right, with a bit of luck, thousands of visitors will be able to admire your trophy.

We will also invite the winning teams and their families to the FIFA Museum during the Women’s World Cup, where you will receive a very special goodie bag!

In addition, all teams participating will receive a free entry for one child and one adult.

How to enter the competition


1. Team Up!
Do you want to take part alone or with your friends? Your team can consist of up to four people.


2. Register!
Register yourself/your team on our website. Use the form at the bottom of the page.


3. Create!
Create, craft, mould and let your imagination run wild.


4. Take a pic!
Spot on and camera off! Take three photos that show off your trophy and tell us the story behind your unique creation.


5. Send it!
Your photos are taken and the story behind your trophy will impress the judges?

Then email them to edu@fifamuseum.org.

What do you need to know?

think about what you would like your trophy to look like and sketch or draw it. Is it narrow or wide? Is it big or small? Squat, round, square?

Style and material
Be creative – it should be unique. Anything goes! You can use paper, cardboard, clay, wood, plastic and even metal or stone. Remember: it should be stable enough to stand on its own.

Between 10cm and 50cm tall, max. 20cm in diameter (after all, it has to fit in the display case!)

max. 4.6kg (it can’t be heavier than the original.)

What's behind it?
We want to know! In addition to the three pictures, send us the story behind your trophy that makes it unique.


Registration closes on
26 May 2023

Closing date for the photos and story
16 June 2023

The winners will be announced by 28 June 2023.


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