Round table: "Play better – is gaming technology improving football?"

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In his youth, Zlatan Ibrahimovic played as much as 10 hours of football video games a day. Andrea Pirlo says that PlayStation is the greatest invention since the wheel, while coach Ole-Gunnar Solskjær uses video games to prepare for the next opponents that his team will be facing, and Union Berlin use PlayStation to analyse set pieces. The influence of video games on what happens on the pitch is already huge, and it continues to increase.

Tricks and celebrations make the leap from the console to the pitch, and while all sorts of technical aids are used in training sessions. The Footbonaut device for example helps TSG Hoffenheim and Borussia Dortmund players to make their reactions quicker, while the German football academy implements 360-degree videos in virtual reality to improve decision-making.

These and countless other cases will form the basis of the question which our panel of experts will have to resolve: is gaming technology making football better?

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