Football Cinema: Das Wunder von Taipeh (The miracle of Taipei) (DE 2019)

FIFA Museum Seestrasse 27, 8002 Zurich German original version

CHF 10

Football Cinema at the FIFA Museum presents the incredible story of a group of women from West Germany who travelled to Taipei to play in a football tournament and subsequently changed the future of women’s football in West Germany.

In 1981 the Women’s World Invitational tournament was held in Taiwan. At the time, women’s football was more tolerated than supported by the DFB. Because West Germany did not yet have a national team, the team of SSG Bergisch Gladbach 09 were sent and, despite pitiful conditions, caused for a surprise that would change the future of the sport in Germany.


Das Wunder von Taipeh (The miracle of Taipei) (DE 2019)
Documentary by John David Seidler
83 Minutes
German original version

CHF 10

In this year’s football cinema series, we will put our focus on the people that have shaped and influenced the footballing world both on, and, sometimes also off the pitch. From a trio of legendary managers, players that have become household names, a group of women pushing the boundaries of society to a team that worked hard to gain self-respect and shed a loser’s mentality. Each story is unique, but all the protagonists have one thing in common – they have left a lasting legacy. They have changed the game.


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