International Museum Day at the FIFA Museum

FIFA Museum Seestrasse 27, 8002 Zurich


Develop your own visions of the future in free pop-up workshops in line with the motto "My Future World Cup". The workshops will take place several times throughout the day and will last approximately 20 minutes.

Football history is full of events that changed the sport and continue to shape it to this day. What better place than the FIFA Museum to go in search of such events? During International Museum Day, we will be on the lookout together for moments of innovation in football, for moments that have changed the sport in a lasting way. We collect, discuss and question. How do such ideas come about? When do innovations become necessary? And what might the football of the future look like? A look into the past as inspiration for the future - and in the middle of it all, the FIFA Museum as a social meeting place.

In our workshops, we will design our own ideas, innovations and visions of the future in line with the motto "My Future World Cup" and place them in the museum. We are looking forward to great, creative and inspiring encounters!

A series of pop-up workshops will take place between 11:00 and 16:00 and last approximately 20 minutes each. The start of each workshop will be communicated by our mediation team on site. The offer is suitable for children, young people, adults and families.

Participation in the workshops is free of charge. All that is required is a regular ticket to the museum.