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Admission is free

Nachtaktiv is the new Scientainment program for young adults between the age 16 to 25 by the CreativLabZ of the ETH Zurich. The event at the FIFA Museum is about eFootball and the future of football with cyber athletes, a team of robots and modern sports analysis tools. Admission is free.

Want to play a game of FIFA today? eFootball has long been a vibrant part of global football culture. The boundaries between simulation and reality are becoming increasingly transparent, and every day millions of living rooms are transformed into a virtual pitch. The exhibition area "eFootball: The Virtual Pitch" at the FIFA Museum provides an insight into the global phenomenon of eFootball, which you can discover independently or as part of our special guided tour.

Special Guided Tour:
From the stadium to the living room and back: The rise of eFootball.
19:30 (in German) / 20:30 (in English) / 21:30 Uhr (in German)

Explore and discover
In addition, students from ETH Zurich, the University of Zurich and the University of Basel will present research projects in an entertaining way. ETH spin-offs and innovative companies enrich the programme with digital product ranges and invite you to have a try. You will gain new access to socially relevant topics such as robotics, digitalisation, technology or the environment and can discover new future technologies.

Admission is free
The event is for all young adults between the age of 16 and 25. Admission is free, but you need a ticket.



The program

Top scorer Nao
Can robots be taught to play football? Scientists are developing algorithms that make this possible and are competing in international tournaments. Learn how these players see, navigate, move and score goals.

Fair play also on the subject of inclusion!
The CYBATHLON at ETH Zurich is a competition for people with physical disabilities who compete against each other in various disciplines with the support of state-of-the-art technical assistance systems. Find out whether you can set an object in motion purely by the power of your mind. Or how well you can dribble with a prosthetic leg.

Visual magic - the audience is in the middle of it
In football, there are breathtaking possibilities to analyse match situations. A player's running path can be visually isolated, running speed measured or almost any offside scene resolved. Vizrt's software product 'XR Playbook' is the world's most powerful 3D sports analysis tool. Audiences gain unique insights into the intricacies, tactics and secrets of the game. With data-driven graphics capabilities and perfected virtual reality elements, presenters can literally bring their sports fans onto the field with the athletes.

Make your own eFootball Video Game
We show you an app that makes it easy to create and programme your own video game. With Candli, you can draw or photograph figures and elements. Then we'll explain how to make them move using simple visual programming language.

Music this evening will be provided by the DJ-Duo SOle with vocal and syrinx live inputs. They will take you on a journey, mostly filled with oriental & desert techno.

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