Round table: Why does football need eSports?

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The big international clubs have all had their own eSports teams for a number of years now, and in between times, some Swiss clubs have also developed eSports sections. This is a logical development based on the huge numbers of football fans who also play eSports. There has, however, been plenty of resistance from a lot of areas. Fans in Basle put up banners all around the city proclaiming, "Pull the plug on eSports", which they see as a sign of commercialisation.

At the same time, experts believe that the Swiss league is currently making it the clubs’ duty to have an eSports team. Many fear that the country will fall behind if not, and be excluded from these new markets. The clubs find themselves caught between resistance on the one hand and economic potential on the other.

Come and discuss the latest developments with our panel of experts and see whether there is indeed an answer to whether football needs e-Sports.

Our guests on the panel are…

Marcel Hüttermann

Marcel Hüttermann - University Lecturer at the ZHAW
Marcel Hüttermann is a research assistant and lecturer at the ZHAW Institute of Marketing Management. He is also a doctoral student at the TU Munich on the topic of "Fan Engagement", and his research interests lie in the areas of sponsoring and eSports.

Florian Raz

Florian Raz - Sportswriter at Tamedia
Florian Raz is sportwriter at Tamedia, father of two girls with moderate enthusiasm for soccer and, as a junior, has contributed to the rise of FC Basel to the interim serial champion with at least ten sold "Ych-stand-zem-FCB" stickers.

Joachim Reuter

Joachim Reuter - Head of eSports at FC Basel
Joachim Reuter has been Head of eSports / Marketing since December 2017 and is responsible for all aspects of FC Basel's eSports activities. According to himself, he is a self-confessed non-FIFA player due to his absolute lack of talent.

Mämä Sykora

In addition to the discussion, there will also be an in-depth interview with Luca Boller, eSportler at FC Basel and captain of the Swiss eNational team. Mämä Sykora, editor-in-chief of Zwölf magazine, will lead through the evening.

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