Swiss premiere and live talk with refereeing legend Abraham Klein

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CHF 19

The Swiss premiere of a short film and a legendary World Cup match frame the second edition of our new "Cinema" live talks. Guests of ZFF Artistic Director Christian Jungen at the FIFA Museum live talk will include the film’s director and main star plus the refereeing legend who inspired the film.

Our new “Cinema” live talks in cooperation with Zurich Film Festival continues. For the second edition we present the Swiss premiere of the award-winning short film “1982 Italy-Brazil” at the FIFA Museum on 26 October 2022.

This will be followed by a panel discussion moderated by ZFF Artistic Director Christian Jungen with three prominent guests: author, director and producer Alessandro Della Villa, lead actor Cristiano Burgio and the man on whose experiences the film is largely based on: celebrated Israeli former referee Abraham Klein.

Come on down to the FIFA Museum to hear the moderator and his guests discuss how the film came about and swap stories of the actual shoot itself. See Klein meet the actor who plays him in the film and find out how the ex-referee feels about seeing himself portrayed on the big screen. Naturally, the discussion will also explore Klein's personal memories of the 1982 FIFA World Cup™ and how they influenced the film.

The talk will be held in English.


The film – "1982 Italy - Brazil"

Directed by: Alessandro Della Villa & Alessandro Moscatt | Short Film | IT, 2021 | 18 min | Language: Italian | Subtitles: English

1982 is the year when Italy's government begins to gain the upper hand in its decade-long struggle against the Red Brigades. The year of Roberto Calvi's death, the Italian banker found hanged under London's Blackfriars Bridge. The year of the Falkland War, fought between Argentina and the United Kingdom. The year of the Sabra and Shatila massacres in the outskirts of Beirut, during the Lebanese Civil War. In the midst of all this, there is a World Cup going on in Spain and Abraham Klein must decide whether to referee what will prove to be one of the greatest matches in football history.

“1982 Italy-Brazil” tells the dramatic human story that Abraham Klein, the famous football referee, lived as background of one of the most important match of 1982 FIFA World Cup. The movie has been presented in Florence in December 2021, with the participation of Abraham Klein himself, and already won more than 10 prizes in many independent festivals around the world.


Our guests at the live talk:

Refereeing legend Abraham Klein with the film poster.
Refereeing legend Abraham Klein with the film poster.

Alessandro Della Villa - Writer, director and producer
Alessandro Della Villa was born in Rome and moved to Tuscany in the middle of 90s. He started his activity of videomaker for passion, founding in 2011, together with Alessandro Moscatt, the independent production group “Obiettivo 51”. As part of Obiettivo 51 he worked mainly as Director, Director of Phoptography, Video Editor and Writer realizing more than 10 short movies and few videoclip and video-dance works.

Cristiano Burgio - Lead actor
Cristiano Burgio is known for 1982 Italia-Brasile (2021), The Drift (2014) and Il male perfetto (2018). He has worked as an actor in numerous theatres such as Arno Klein (TO), Teatro Alfieri (SI), St. Pauli Theatre (Hamburg, Germany), Teatro Magnolfi (PO), Compagnia Gen Verde (FI), Teatro Civico 14 (CS), Artes (PO), ChiPerEs (TO), La Ginestra (CT). He also performs as a guitarist and singer in various live music projects.

Abraham Klein – Refereeing legend and inspiration for the film
As one of the world's best referees, Abraham Klein was an official at three different FIFA World Cups. In 1970, the Israeli official refereed the match between England and Brazil, before taking charge of the legendary duel between Brazil and Italy in 1982. He also documented his entire career in minute detail, keeping everything from matchballs to yellow cards. In 2017 he donated parts of his collection to the FIFA Museum, including the matchball of the game Italy vs Brazil.


Details and programme

26 October 2022
19:30 – 20:45
CHF 19

19:00    Doors open
19:30    Screening of the short film "1982 Italy - Brazil"
19:50    Live talk with Alessandro Della Villa, Cristiano Burgio and Abraham Klein in English. Moderated by Christian Jungen.


Partnership with the Zurich Film Festival

Cinema and football have plenty in common. Both have the power to captivate people around the world and evoke strong emotions. For this reason, Zurich Film Festival and the FIFA Museum are joining forces to screen five football films in the run-up to the FIFA World Cup 2022 and the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023. Each film will be accompanied by a talk with at least one footballing icon who will travel to Zurich for the occasion.

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