FIFA Museum Kids Camp 2022

For all children between the ages of 8 and 12, the FIFA Museum is hosting a Kids Camp during the summer and autumn holidays! Naturally, almost everything revolves around football during the four days of the camp. But it's not just about the world's most popular sport. We will also take a closer look at ancient ball games, to which we probably owe today's football.

Football is played with a ball and with the feet! Right?

Who invented football? How long has the sport been around? Is there only one style of football? And where were the different types of ball games played across the world? These are exactly the questions we will get to the bottom of at the FIFA Museum Kids Camp 2022!

Throughout the week, the kids will discover various ancient ball sports and, of course, play them themselves. From the Japanese Kemari, to the Chinese Cuju, to the Greek Episkyros, the children embark on a sporting journey into the past and become masters of long-gone ball games.

The children explore different elements of the museum and gain their own understanding and findings, which are then used to create a small, self-designed pop-up exhibition in the football lab. On the final day, the parents are invited to the vernissage and together with their kids take a look at their adventures of the week.

The program

After getting to know each other in a playful way, we will dive into the exhibition of the FIFA Museum and take a look behind the scenes. Finally, we each design and paint our own jersey.

We discover some ancient ball games and try them out ourselves. At the end of the day, everyone creates their own ball.

Thursday we will take a sporty excursion to the Home of FIFA on the Zürichberg. In case of bad weather, an alternative programme will be arranged.

The final day is all about the pop-up exhibition. We review the week and prepare the exhibition. The Kids Camp ends with the mini-vernissage in the company of the parents.

All info

Tuesday 09 August – Friday 12 August 2022
Tuesday 11 October – Friday 14 October 2022


4 days / from 10 am - 4 pm

8 - 12 years

Min. 12, max. 25 per camp

CHF 390 per child (as of 2nd child CHF 50 discount)

FIFA Museum, Seestrasse 27, 8002 Zurich

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The registration deadline is 10 July 2022 and 11 September 2022 respectively.

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