Cartoon Corner

Cartoons Corner

Football has always been an integral part of newspapers, magazines and books. There is also a long tradition of artists who have drawn inspiration from the sport for their drawings, going back to the days when photographing moving images was not an option. Thankfully, artists like Paul Trevillion, Guillermo Mordillo, Germán Aczel and Enki Bilal are keeping the tradition alive.

After a lengthy perusal of our exhibition, you will find a peaceful spot with soft furnishings and an array of comics in the “Fields of Play” area. Here, you can lose yourself in the exciting world of football cartoons, which you can leaf through to your heart’s content and are bound to raise a smile. Our Cartoon Corner is also an ideal place in which to read to your children.

Inspired by this comic paradise and The Lab (hyperlink), you can get in touch with your artistic side. Visitors of all ages can relive their golden years by creating their own comic strips and take the finished product home with them afterwards to be presented proudly to their loved ones.